The Carrolls

The Carrolls


Carroll by Design started out in our garage in 2013 when David began designing and fabricating his first lights for our own renovation and real estate projects. In the process of finding the best materials, we came across a wood supplier that, in addition to having reclaimed wood, had pictures and a news article outlining the history of a barn that he had torn down — an eclectic barn buildt in the late 19th century made out of wood acquired from Nashville’s Centennial exhibition.

We were so intrigued by the story that we bought all of the remaining wood from this structure and made it into our first historic line: The Centennial Collection. We were inspired to design lights that highlight the history of each piece of wood and provide the owner with a story to tell for years to come.

Several years later, we have this same goal in mind. Carroll by Design is now a tight-knit team of Nashville artisans — welders, woodworkers, and designers that work collaboratively to bring striking and imaginative designs to lighting. Creativity excites us, and for this reason we work with our customers to create unique and customized designs that bring out the special character of each living and business space. We believe in the power of good design to bring people together, elevate experiences, and engage and inspire connection and communication.

At Carroll by Design, we design many of our fixtures around the rustic character of reclaimed wood, but we believe they take on a special significance when paired with the storied wood of our Historic Collections. Whether it’s lumber from the buildings of one of America’s most important architects, the Boston Harbor, pioneer settlement log cabins, or Seabiscuit’s home racetrack, we seek out wood with a significant history so that each of our lights are imbued with a special value, carrying on the traditions of its origin.