Ugliest Light Fixture in America Contest


We are so excited to bring this contest to you and we’ve been keeping it a secret while we planned it for some time now. Everyone has that one light in their house that they hate. It either was already installed when you moved in or was the result of some questionable impulse shopping. We are on a mission to replace the ugliest light in America! If you think you may have that, share a picture with us for a chance to win a FREE UL Listed Carroll by Design fixture. Find us on Facebook or Instagram today to get full details on how to enter!

Made in America Matters


Being a Made in America manufacturer comes with a unique list of challenges. Operating as an American based lighting manufacturer, Carroll by Design is no stranger to these obstacles. Despite the challenges that face this family-owned operation, the Made in America status matters to business owners Heather and David Carroll. They hope to show other manufacturers that the process is possible and can be done successfully. In order to better understand what goes in to this, managing partner and designer David Carroll gives us some insight into his experiences as a Made in America manufacturer:

Q: What are the challenges associated with your Made in America status?

A: Maintaining a competitive edge while managing higher overhead than many of my US-based and overseas competitors. The cost of the general UL coverage, truly hand making from scratch each light and maintaining the quality and workmanship that our customers come to expect from us are all a challenge we face.


Q: What are the benefits associated with your Made in America status?

A: Customer service is 50’ away from manufacturing, easy access to the designer, quality greater than any other hand-made manufacturer in the industry and the ability to pivot quickly to meet customers ever-changing needs.


Q: What is important to you about keeping manufacturing your lighting within the United States?

A: Maintaining control over quality, being able to tweak and tune products on the fly and creating American jobs for our hard-working associates.


Q: What was the inspiration behind opening your business and behind your designs?

A: My wife and I saw these unique giant Edison bulbs in a shop window close to the fish market in Seattle while on a duck boat tour as we were celebrating an anniversary. We quickly hopped off and ran to the store before they closed and ordered three of the bulbs. Once the bulbs arrived home I unpacked them and sat them on the kitchen counter for Heather to see.  I said, “I have no idea what to do with these." To which she replied, “Build me a sconce and a pendant” and walked away. I promptly said “Yes Ma’am” and quickly went to work. The sconce design is our Large Row, after many design changes, it is still our best-selling product. When friend after friend asked me to make them the same sconce I found I was spending all my spare time in my garage with my small welder, a hammer and some spray paint. Once I outgrew a three-car garage it was obvious that this was the real deal. I walked in the house and told my wife that I need more space and she said, “Let's just find something” and I replied, “Game on.”  It has been the roller coaster of my life for the last four years.  A ride I don’t want to get off of. I truly love going to work every day.



Q: What impact would you like to leave on the lighting industry?

A:  That producing in the US is difficult, risky and scary as hell but it is completely doable and worth it. Maybe more folks will take the leap and do the same.

Nashville, TN


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