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  • Are gas lanterns safe to use?
    Yes! Carroll by Design's gas lanterns are safe to use. The means of lighting with gas pre-dates the current use with electricity by several hundred years. But keep in mind that as gas lanterns are safe, they do get hot and should not be mounted where they can't be easily touched.
  • How many BTUs does a gas lantern use?
    Gas lanterns are available in both natural gas and liquid propane. Our natuarl gas lantern use 1456 BTUs per hour and liquid propane lanterns use 2080 BTUs per hour.
  • How much does a gas lantern cost to operate?
    Prices vary some depending on your location and the price of gas. Burning your gas lantern 24 hrs a day over a 30 day span (a month) averages: Natural gas $10 - $15 Liquid propane gas (around 16 gal) $30 - $40
  • Will my lanterns finish change over time?
    Copper does react to the enviornment which will cause your lantern to patina. The aging look or patina finish typically causes the copper to darken over time. The rate in which this change happens is greatly attributed to your climate. No two lights with patina at the same rate and can differ in time from as little as six months to 25 years. Coastal regions will also notice a verde-gris or greenish finish happend over time. This is due to the salt from the ocean. The patina look is what give your lanterns the charm and distinctive characteristics.
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