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Damp & Dry Locations Only

What is a UL Listing?: House electrical fires account for roughly 51,000 fires a year, over 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and roughly $1.3 billion in damages. UL is a global company that assists consumers in connecting with trusted manufacturers. By purchasing a product carrying the UL logo, you can be rest assured that the product you are bringing in to your home meets rigorous UL safety standards. As a manufacturer carrying a UL listing status, you are subject to quarterly audits by a UL representative who will investigate your product and test it alongside UL standard burn tests, etc. You are also subject to random on-site audits. Failing to comply with UL safety standards can result in fines and the loss of your UL coverage. Here at Carroll by Design, we choose to undergo and comply with all UL standards to ensure our customers that they are bringing a safe product in to their beloved homes. All Carroll by Design fixtures with the UL logo hold a general UL coverage for Damp and Dry locations. A Damp location is defined by UL as a room temporarily effects by dampness with appropriate ventilation to prevent accumulated moisture, such as a bathroom. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide proof of our UL Listing to anyone who requests it, send us an inquiry at customerservice@carrollbydesign.com.

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